Accomplish Slickline And Wireline Work

Slick lines and wire lines are quite a bit alike in their tools are inserted into the well for logging and work over efforts. A wireline can relay information about the well and as previously stated are electric cables. They can be either multi strands or a single strand and can be used not only formation evaluation but also for logging.Below are listed the differences and similarities between the two, and what oil and gas companies use them for. Slicklines can also be used to repair the wiring located within the wellbore.

Wireline logs are used to measure formation properties and electrical lines and wqw invented by Conrad and Marcel Schlumberger. Wireline logs are electrical lines that take down-hole measurements continuously through the process of descent and ascension. They are used to help the engineers geologists and rulers with drilling operation. Logs help in making decisions and measuring conductivity formation pressure and activity. They can also measure sonic properties and dimensions of the wellbore. These lines are critical to basic operations in that they gather tons of information that are use to make critical decisions during the operation.

A songe is a locking tool located at the bottom of the electrical line and measurements are continuously taking on the way up and is an effort to maintain tension.

Work over is when wells require restoration or enhancement. Occasionally work over requires production shut-in. This is not always the case, however. Well servicing units hoist items in and out and the line is used to real and lower the slick line using braided steel wire. These operations can be carried out through perforation with explosives, logging, and cleanup. Workover sometimes will be completed in lock in conditions. This does happen but not in every instance.

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