Measuring porosity using FNXS

Measurements of cased hole have drastically improved over decades. While essential physical measurement process remains unchanged, there has been a significant advancement in the production of tools. In spite of this advancement, there has been a great difficulty measuring porosity. Therefore there has been a significant risk in primary formation in cased well bores. The … Read moreMeasuring porosity using FNXS

Wireline Logging Works For All Oil And Gas Rigs

Wireline logging is something that works really well for the people who are trying to keep their rigs safe. A safe rig is very easy to manage when someone sends out the right team with their wireline logging setup, and there are a lot of people who will be able to manage the setup once … Read moreWireline Logging Works For All Oil And Gas Rigs

Well Logging: Casing Inspection

An important part of production logging is the physical inspection of the well completion string for corrosion or damage which may result in further problems. Below will be discussed some of the most commonly utilized casing inspection methods. Most will measure current levels of corrosion. All inspection methods except caliper logs will require tubing to … Read moreWell Logging: Casing Inspection

Hydrocarbon Compositional Analysis In-SITU in Openhole Wireline Logging

MDT tool

Current markets for the development of deep water and other prospects can be high. Additional costs due to retrofitting, sample acquisition, and analysis errors can skyrocket into the billions, causing projects to go under or be severely compromised. In response to these delicate concerns, a new method of measurement and analysis, Downhole Fluid Analysis (DFA), … Read moreHydrocarbon Compositional Analysis In-SITU in Openhole Wireline Logging